Five Worthwhile Psychology Conferences to Attend in 2015

Looking for continuing education? Interested in networking with peers?

Whatever your reason, a counseling psychology conference can be an exciting way to infuse new energy into your practice or professional outlook. Here are the top conferences for our profession:

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

NASP 2015 | Feb. 17-20 | Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

One of the year’s first counseling psychology conferences includes more than 1,200 event sessions about topics ranging from crisis prevention to school ethics. Patrick J. Kennedy will also deliver the keynote address from his background in public policy, mental health and special needs. See the conference program.

American Counseling Association (ACA)

ACA 2015 l March 12-15 | Orlando, Florida 

This conference and expo includes more than 30 tracks, offering attendees the opportunity to explore multiple, high-level sessions such as Counseling Theory, Graduate Student Issues and Private Practice. The event includes a keynote from Mariel Hemingway about her well-known family’s history of suicide and mental illness as well as a presentation by Dr. Richard Balkin and Dr. Jeffrey Kottler titled “The Power of Relationships in Counseling – and the Counselor’s Life.”

Association for Psychological Science (APS)

APS 2015 | May 21-24 | New York City

APS’ four-day event includes three cross-cutting theme programs titled “Milliseconds to Decades: Development as a Level of Analysis;” “‘Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor’: Psychological Science and Immigration;” and “Law & (Dis)Order: Psychological Science in the Legal System.” The conference will also cover content ranging from a study of human needs to psychological science as it concerns racial and ethnic diversity.

American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA)

2015 Annual Conference | July 9-11 | Philadelphia

The association’s 7,000 members are part of the only organization exclusively focused on the mental health counseling profession. With a few months left until the conference date, you can get a jump on travel plans, advertise or sign up to exhibit, but the association is waiting to roll out other event details. Learn more.

American Psychological Association (APA)

2015 APA Convention | Aug. 6-9 | Toronto

The Society of Counseling Psychology and other APA divisions will gather for the 123rd annual conference in Ontario. Details to follow, but attendee registration opens April 15! Take a look at last year’s event recap.

John Chambers

John Chambers has a passion for psychology. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in journalism and psychology from Eastern Illinois University, he covered human-interest topics, business, education and other stories as a newspaper reporter in the Midwest. John moved to Colorado in 2005 and transitioned into marketing before dedicating his career to the nonprofit sector. He is the director of marketing and communications at a homeless shelter in the Denver area, where he is involved in counseling and direct services. He is also a freelance writer and has a Master’s degree in marketing from the University of Colorado Denver.
John Chambers

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