How to Find a Counseling Program in North Dakota

Some students enroll in an associate's degree program, while others begin their counselor education by opting to enroll in a bachelor’s degree in counseling program. A master’s degree is an ideal option for students seeking professional licensure in the state. The post-graduate certificate and doctoral programs offer counselors the opportunity to expand their knowledge and advance their professional careers.

Counseling Degree Pathways in North Dakota

The variety of counseling degree pathways that are available to students in North Dakota allows students to choose the pathway that is the right program for their professional and personal goals.

  • Associate's Degree – Requires two years of study, and is typically the minimum requirement for entry-level counseling positions.
  • Bachelor's Degree – A four-year degree for a basic-level education for the prospective counselor.
  • Master's Degree – Typically the degree most associated with counseling positions. Requires two years of study, as well as a bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduate Certificate – A non-degree certificate usually achieved for the purpose of specialization. Requires less than one year of study.
  • Doctorate Degree – The highest level of education for a counselor. It requires three to six years of study, plus either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree.

Choosing a Counseling Specialty

Students have many options when considering a counseling specialty. Choosing a counseling specialty is important so that students follow the best pathway that leads to their desired counselor qualifications.

The University of North Dakota offers a variety of specialties in its Master of Arts in counseling program to meet the diverse needs of students.

Choose from four full-time on-campus tracks, including community mental health counseling, addiction counseling, child adolescent counseling, or rehabilitation counseling.


Students are responsible for making sure that a counseling program qualifies them to sit for exams or to qualify for licensure in North Dakota if that is their goal. They are also responsible for checking whether a counseling program that they are interested in is an accredited program. This is typically done through CACREP (the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs).

The University of North Dakota lists the university accreditation, along with the accreditation bodies for all accredited programs. Look for accreditation information before enrolling in the program.

Online vs. Traditional Counseling Programs in North Dakota

Some students prefer to complete degree requirements on-campus, while others complete their counseling program in an online format. The University of North Dakota offers four part-time online Master of Arts in counseling tracks.

Choose the addiction counseling online program, the community mental health counseling program, the K-12 school counseling track, or the rehabilitation counseling online program.

Becoming Licensed as a Counselor in North Dakota

Some North Dakota universities offer counseling programs for students who already have their counselor licenses. North Dakota State University offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in counselor education and supervision. Students complete 60 hours of study beyond their master’s degree.

The North Dakota Department of Public Education has the responsibility of credentialing school counselors in North Dakota. The North Dakota Board of Counselor Examiners is responsible for the licensure of the licensed associate professional counselor and for the licensure of other counselors in North Dakota.

List of Counseling Degree Programs in North Dakota

Are you searching for a counseling degree program in North Dakota? Browse our comprehensive list of schools offering counseling programs, both online and on-campus, and follow the links to learn more about what each program has to offer.

Bismarck, ND

Grand Forks, ND

Master's Programs
264 Centennial Drive, Stop 8193
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8193
(800) 225-5863

Jamestown, ND

608 6th St NE
Jamestown, ND 58405
(701) 252-3467

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