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Careers in Counseling

As a counselor, you will work with individuals, couples, families, and groups to address a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, grief, and relationship problems. Whether you choose to specialize in a particular area or work with a broad range of clients, a career in counseling is both rewarding and challenging.

Specialty Summary & Degree Options
Mental Health Counselor Treat mental illness, help clients develop coping skills, provide support to those who experience mental health problems.
Degrees: Master's, Graduate Certificate
Licensed Professional Counselor (Clinical) Assess, diagnose, and treat individuals, couples, and families experiencing a range of mental health and emotional issues using evidence-based therapeutic techniques.
Degrees: Master's
School Counselor Assist students in K-12 schools with academic, career, and personal counseling, advocate for students' needs, and provide support.
Degrees: Master's, Graduate CertificateDoctorate
Substance Abuse / Addiction Counselor Counsel those struggling with drug and alcohol problems, provide support to overcome addiction, develop relapse prevention strategies.
Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's, Graduate Certificate, Doctorate

Becoming a counselor of any type starts with the right education. Learn more about counseling degrees, career pathways, schools in your area, and much more.

Careers in Psychology

As a psychologist, you will utilize research, analysis, and evidence-based practice to help individuals and communities work on and understand issues ranging from mental health and behavior to social and developmental challenges. You may specialize in a particular area of psychology or work in academia, research, or private practice.

Specialty Summary & Degree Options
Clinical Psychologist Diagnose and treat mental illness, conduct psychological assessments, and provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families.
Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's, Graduate Certificate, Doctorate
School Psychologist Assess and support students' academic, social, and emotional development, collaborating with educators and families to create an inclusive learning environment.

Degrees: Master's, Doctorate

Social Psychologist Utilize social psychology principles to understand and influence social interactions and behaviors, collaborating across fields to address societal issues.
Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate
Forensic Psychologist Apply psychology principles to legal issues, work with law enforcement, lawyers, and judges to provide expert testimony, and conduct research on legal issues.
Degrees: Bachelor's, Master's, Graduate Certificate, Doctorate

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