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Career in Counseling

As a counselor, you will work with individuals, couples, families, and groups to address a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, grief, and relationship problems. Whether you choose to specialize in a particular area or work with a broad range of clients, a career in counseling is both rewarding and challenging.

Specialty Description Salary
Mental Health Counselor
Diagnose and treat mental illness, help clients develop coping skills, provide support to those who experience mental health problems.
$49,950 (BLS, 2021)
Marriage and Family Therapist
Help individuals, couples, and families with relationship and emotional problems, develop coping strategies, improve communication skills.
$51,340 (BLS, 2021)
School Counselor
Assist students in K-12 schools with academic, career, and personal counseling, advocate for students' needs, and provide support.
$58,120 (BLS, 2021)
Grief Counselor
Assist individuals experiencing grief and loss to manage their emotions, cope with loss, and move forward in their lives.
$49,950 (BLS, 2021)

Becoming a counselor of any type starts with the right education. Learn more about counseling degrees, career pathways, schools in your area, and much more.

Career in Psychology

As a psychologist, you will utilize research, analysis, and evidence-based practice to help individuals and communities work on and understand issues ranging from mental health and addiction to social and developmental challenges. You may specialize in a particular area of psychology or work in academia, research, or private practice.

Specialty Description Salary
Clinical Psychologist
Diagnose and treat mental illness, conduct psychological assessments, and provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families.
$81,460 (BLS, 2021)
Study the relationship between the brain and behavior, diagnose and treat neurological disorders, and conduct research on the brain and behavior.
$101,790 (BLS, 2021)
Counseling Psychologist
Work with individuals and groups to promote mental health and well-being, diagnose and treat mental illnesses, and help clients develop coping skills.
$80,370 (BLS, 2021)
Forensic Psychologist
Apply psychology principles to legal issues, work with law enforcement, lawyers, and judges to provide expert testimony, and conduct research on legal issues.
$79,010 (BLS, 2021)

Get started on a psychology career by discovering the degree levels available, find schools near you, and learn more about the numerous career specialties available.

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