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Addictions Counselor in a counseling session with a patient.
5 Mins Read
What Does a Typical Work Day Look Like For a Substance Abuse/Addictions Counselor?
Substance abuse and addiction have become pervasive issues affecting individuals and communities worldwide. As the battle against these challenges intensifies,…
Master's in Counseling student studying on laptop outdoors
6 Mins Read
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Enrolling in an Online Master's Degree in Counseling Program
Enrolling in an online master’s degree in counseling program can be a transformative and rewarding experience, providing you with the…
Child psychologist working with a young girl in a school setting.
6 Mins Read
Is Child Psychology a Good Major For My Career Goals?
Choosing a major is a crucial decision that significantly influences one’s academic journey and future career. Among the myriad options…

Psychologist vs. Counselor Salaries: How Much Can You Earn?

While you can pursue a fulfilling career in either the psychology or counseling realm, salaries can vary wildly between these two related fields. Learn more about how salaries are determined for psychologists and counselors to see what lines up with your goals.

Psychologist Salary GuideCounselor Salary Guide

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