How to Find a Counseling Program in South Carolina

Finding a counseling program in South Carolina requires that students consider the many things that go into choosing a good counseling program. South Carolina students have a variety of counseling program options, including certificate programs and degree programs in counseling.

Counseling Degree Pathways in South Carolina

South Carolina offers counseling degree pathways for students who want to work in the counseling profession. Good programs that meet the educational requirements for licensure or certification as a counselor in South Carolina provide students with a counseling pathway that is likely to help students find the right program.

  • Associate's Degree – The minimum level of education that a counselor will achieve. It will require two years of education. While it will open you up to job positions, far more will be available to you at higher-level degrees.
  • Bachelor's Degree – Four years of study. It provides the basic level of education for a counselor.
  • Master's Degree – A master’s degree is oftentimes the degree that makes the most sense for an aspiring counselor, especially one that is to be licensed. It requires a bachelor’s degree plus two years of study.
  • Graduate Certificate – A graduate certificate is not a degree, but it will help you narrow down a specialty. It only requires one year or less of study.
  • Doctorate Degree – The highest level of education that a counselor can achieve. It requires either a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree and three to six years of additional study.

Choose a Counseling Specialty

A South Carolina counseling program often allows students to choose a counseling specialty. One example is the Master of Arts in Counseling at Webster University.

The program allows students to choose between the emphasis on clinical mental health counseling, the emphasis on community counseling, or the emphasis on couples, marriage, family, and child counseling. 

Clemson University provides students with the opportunity to choose several counseling program options. The university offers a Master of Education – clinical mental health counseling specialization, Master of Education – school counseling specialization, or educational specialist in counselor education option.

Check School Accreditation

Typically, accreditation is provided by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling or Related Educational Programs (CACREP) or the American Psychological Association (APA).

Check school accreditation to learn if a particular school or program has the required accreditation for counselor licensure or certification. South Carolina State University offers a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling. The school does not list accreditation information for the program. The university does provide information on taking exams.

The University of South Carolina provides accreditation information for all its counseling programs, including the counseling education Ph.D. program.

Online vs. Traditional Counseling Programs in South Carolina

Counseling programs in South Carolina are typically offered in a traditional on-campus setting.

Students who wish to complete a counseling program online in South Carolina should make sure that the program is offered online before enrolling and paying for tuition and fees.

Becoming Licensed as a Counselor in South Carolina

Students who want to become licensed as a counselor to practice in South Carolina should make sure that they complete all requirements for licensure or the credentialing process.

The South Carolina Board of Examiners for Licensure of Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Addiction Counselors, and Psycho-Education Specialists provides licensing services and renewals for counselors in the state.

List of Counseling Degree Programs in South Carolina

Are you searching for a counseling degree program in South Carolina? Browse our comprehensive list of schools offering counseling programs, both online and on-campus, and follow the links to learn more about what each program has to offer.

Charleston, SC

9200 University Blvd
Charleston, SC 29406-9121
(843) 863-7000

Clemson, SC

Master's Programs
201 Sikes Hall
Clemson, SC 29634
(864) 656-4636

Columbia, SC

Greenwood, SC

Certificate Programs
320 Stanley Avenue
Greenwood, SC 29649-2099
(864) 388-8000

Rock Hill, SC

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