How to Find a Psychology Program in Idaho

While it is important to choose the right college, more important is the right psychology degree program for your education level and goals. Consider also the elements listed below.

Psychology Degree Pathways in Idaho

There are two types of undergraduate degrees in psychology. First, the two-year associate's degree, which can be found at community colleges, and second, the four-year bachelor's degree, the standard university offering. Associate degrees are useful for some entry-level jobs, but if you wish to pursue further study, you will need a bachelor's degree (a BA or BS).

Once you've completed a bachelor's, you may pursue a graduate certificate as a short course to specialize in a psychology concentration (open only to those who hold a bachelor’s degree at minimum). You may also pursue a psychology master's degree from here (MA or MS).

The terminal degree is the doctorate. In psychology, you may opt for a PsyD (aimed at prospective clinicians) or a Ph.D. (for policy and research; academic-based).

Choose a Psychology Specialty

In most cases, undergraduate students will not have the option to choose a specialty or concentration. That usually happens at the graduate level ( grad certificate, master's, and doctorate).

The University of Idaho allows students to choose either a BA or BS in psychology, including a fully online option. Graduate programs include an MS and a Ph.D., also both in general psychology (no niches).

Idaho State University also offers both a BA and BS in psychology, while their Ph.D. options are in experimental and clinical psychology.


There are several reasons to choose a fully accredited rather than an unaccredited psychology degree program:

  • Accredited programs have been subject to checks on their teaching standards – it's a mark of quality
  • You cannot work as a clinician with unaccredited qualifications
  • Non-clinical roles may also require applicants to complete accredited programs
  • Professional associations may only grant membership to graduates with accredited qualifications

The Northwest Commission of Schools and Colleges accredits programs for Idaho. Nationally, the body responsible is American Psychological Association (APA).

Online vs. Traditional Psychology Programs in Idaho

Internet technology has come so far now that students are able to take advantage of completing psychology programs fully online where available.

Online study is ideally suited for potential students who need some flexibility – for example, parents and/or full-time employees who may need to work their studies around their other responsibilities. The downside to this is the lack of social interaction with fellow students and library resources limited to digital content.

Regular on-campus study provides these advantages and daily contact time with faculty, but it means scheduled classes at regular hours – not ideal for those juggling other commitments.

Some schools have hybrid programs available that blend the best elements of both. It’s always a good idea to see what attendance options are available at your school of choice.

Becoming Licensed as a Psychologist in Idaho

Idaho permits only doctoral graduates to apply for a practice license to work as a clinician. More importantly, all programs must be accredited for this to happen.

You must begin supervised work experience at the end of your doctorate – a minimum of 1,000 hours is required. At the end of this, you can begin the application process for licensure.

Upon approval of your application, you must then sit the EPPP (Examination for the Professional Practice in Psychology). Once passed, you are eligible to practice.

List of Psychology Degree Programs in Idaho

Are you looking for a psychology degree program in Idaho? Browse our list of psychology programs offering both online and on-campus instruction. Follow the links to learn more about what each school’s psychology program offers.

Boise, ID

Bachelor's Programs
1910 University Dr
Boise, ID 83725
(208) 426-1000

Lewiston, ID

Bachelor's ProgramsCertificate Programs
500 8th Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501-2698
(208) 792-5272

Moscow, ID

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Rexburg, ID

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