Completing an online graduate certificate may help you to build valuable skills and obtain in-depth education that can allow you to specialize in your existing master's degree a begin a rewarding career as a licensed professional counselor. Graduate certificates are beneficial for many reasons, especially the fact that they condense a significant amount of information and valuable skill training into a shorter program. You may not spend much time in these programs, but you will have the ability to enhance your existing skills in an area that's interesting to you.

With an online graduate certificate in licensed professional clinical counseling, such as a clinical mental health counseling certificate, you may be better prepared to meet the needs of your patients. These certificates may be used as a way to prepare for licensing at the state level to practice clinical mental health as well as rehabilitation, or, in some cases, they can be used to add clinical mental health skills and proficiencies to your existing skillset, allowing you to work in these areas. Graduate certificates in themselves do not provide licensing qualifications but can work alongside many other programs to prepare you for licensing.

What Will I Learn in an Online Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling Graduate Certificate Program?

An online licensed professional clinical counseling graduate certificate program is a very specific program providing an opportunity for you to enhance your specific skills. The course can vary somewhat between providers, but most often, students will learn additional counseling and rehabilitation skills.

Online students may focus on crisis, trauma, and clinical mental health topics. Some courses will have a much more significant focus on one topic, such as addiction and co-occurring disorders, for professional counselors. This type, of course, allows the counselor to zero in on very specific areas that are interesting or beneficial to their career goals.

Other online programs focus heavily on advanced study in counseling. This could be more research-based and focus heavily on helping students to develop a more advanced understanding of a specific area of mental health, counseling, addiction, or other areas.

Admissions Requirements for a Graduate Certificate in Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling

Enrolling in an graduate certificate in licensed professional clinical counseling is likely to require very specific prerequisites, though each college and university has a different set of expectations for students. Some of the most common admissions requirements for a graduate certification program in this area is likely to include:

  • Completion of a master's degree in a related field is the most common option, though some will accept students who have a bachelor's degree
  • Some colleges require that the student have a license already, though other programs do not require the student to hold an active license
  • Transcriptions of previous education and certificates are necessary
  • Resume or curriculum vitae (CV) are often requested
  • Essay questions, admissions statements, or other program-specific career goal insight is often requested
  • Letters of recommendation are common, often from non-academic providers
  • For international students, it may be necessary to have additional education or verification of skills
  • You may not need to have a GRE. This is very dependent on the school's requirements as well as the type of graduate program selected
  • GPA and other academic performance information may be a requirement

List of Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling Graduate Certificate Programs

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