A cognitive psychologist studies the ways people think, how they reason, how memory works, and how they make decisions, combining many areas of medical science into one specialty. It touches on several other sectors of medical science, including neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and pharmaceutical studies, as all of these specialties can impact cognitive behavior and interaction.

This psychological specialty is growing at about the average rate compared to the labor market as a whole, and as a specialty, pays well compared to general psychologists once your education has been completed.

An online cognitive psychology bachelor’s degree is typically used to prepare a student for a career in counseling, research, or in some cases, artificial intelligence design and programming. Earning a bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology online can be a great way to start a career following your high school years. 

What Will I Learn in an Online Cognitive Psychology Bachelor's Degree Program?

To receive a bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology online, you’ll take a selection of general education and specialized courses. With strong cross-disciplinary studies, you’ll have coursework including introductory psychology coursework, psychological research methodology, and developmental and behavioral psychology. However, beyond psychology courses, you’ll also have courses focused on cognitive sciences. These may include areas such as:

  • Reasoning and causes of abnormal reasoning
  • Neurobiology and neurosciences
  • Neural processing of sensory input and information
  • Thinking and the decision process
  • How learning occurs
  • Formation and retrieval of memories
  • Linguistics and learning languages
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Language and linguistics

Generally speaking, a bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology earned online will take about four years, though you could complete your program in more or less time, depending on how much schoolwork you can successfully complete in a semester and whether you take a break for summer vacation. Many individuals who gain a bachelor’s degree in cognitive psychology will go on to higher levels of education, including master’s and doctorate education levels.

Admissions Requirements for a Bachelor's in Cognitive Psychology

Many colleges have majors available for cognitive psychology, so to start, you’ll need to consider which college you’ll be attending and what their requirements will be to begin taking your general education requirements. The curriculum for online cognitive psychology programs is typically identical to its campus-based counterpart, though online programs allow for more flexibility. Once you’ve decided on cognitive psychology as your major, you’ll need to meet your school’s requirements, which will often require some of the following to be met:

  • Successfully finishing high school with a minimum of a C average.
  • Meeting or exceeding a grade point average while at college, typically a 2.0 to 3.0.
  • Taking any testing or counseling that is needed to enter the major.
  • Statistics are commonly required in a program, so lower mathematics is needed.
  • A minimum amount of general education is often required to be completed.
  • Once admitted, most programs have a minimum GPA that must be maintained for related coursework.

If you’re planning on continuing your education beyond a bachelor’s degree, you may want to select related coursework that will set you up for that future. Similarly, if early online master’s programs are available at your college of choice, which allows you to count some amount of work towards both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, you may want to consider applying to these programs to reduce your overall workload and time spent in college.

List of Cognitive Psychology Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Find an online or campus-based bachelor’s program in cognitive psychology today – our state-by-state listings make it easy to find a great program near you.

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Bachelor's Programs
405 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1405
(310) 825-4321

9500 Gilman Dr
La Jolla, CA 92093
(858) 534-2230


Bachelor's Programs
83 Windham St
Willimantic, CT 06226
(860) 465-5000

Bachelor's Programs
352 Mansfield Road
Storrs, CT 06269
(860) 486-2000


Tigert Hall
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 392-3261


1000 University Center Lane
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(678) 407-5000


Bachelor's Programs
601 E John Street
Champaign, IL 61820-5711
(217) 333-1000


156 Thomas Boyd Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2750
(225) 578-3202


Bachelor's Programs
503 Thompson Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 764-1817


Bachelor's Programs
South Rd and Ellis Ave
Mankato, MN 56001
(507) 389-1866


Bachelor's Programs
Missoula, Montana
Missoula, MT 59812
(406) 243-0211

New Jersey

Bachelor's Programs
2000 Pennington Road
Ewing, NJ 08628-7718
(609) 771-1855


Bachelor's Programs
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, OH 45435-0001
(937) 775-1000


800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085-1699
(610) 519-4500


Bachelor's Programs
800 West Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75080-3021
(972) 883-2111

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