If you are interested in how human beings engage with technology and machines, there is a job as an engineering psychologist waiting for you. This is an occupation where you learn how interactions between nature and artificial intelligence occur and what to do next.

You, too, can become a part of a leading trend in this field of psychological science with an online graduate certificate in engineering psychology. Here are the steps you need to take to apply to a training program successfully in your journey to a new career.

What Will I Learn in an Online Engineering Psychology Graduate Certificate Program?

An online engineering psychology graduate certificate program will provide you with the advanced-level training you need to be more fulfilled in your career. This certificate is a supplement to a variety of degrees in both undergraduate and graduate-level training.

You can be a sociologist, psychologist, or consumer marketer with advanced training in engineering psychology. As an engineering psychologist, you will need to learn about psychological theories and human behavior.

Your training must cover human and technology interactions, including how to identify these and what these interactions mean and result in. The insight into relationship behavior leads to research and product development for future technology. This technology is ideally engineered to be more user-friendly for the consumer, which is where engineering psychologists come into the picture. A few examples of some of the courses you take are:

  • Human-Machine Interactions
  • Human Ergonomics and Machine Safety
  • Cognition, Sensation, and Perception
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Research and Statistical Analysis
  • Applied Sociology
  • Mass Media and Marketing
  • Human-Computer Interactions

As an advanced level certificate course, engineering psychologists are expected to already have a framework in this area. You may have a degree in psychology or marketing that can be supplemented successfully with a graduate certificate in engineering psychology. Employers may request that you become certified in this subfield in order to be more eligible for a job or a promotion.

Admissions Requirements for an Engineering Psychology Certificate

Work towards an online engineering psychology certificate from a reputable training program. You will obtain the skills necessary for achieving your career goals as an engineering psychologist.

In addition, you can apply your engineering psychology certificate to your master's and undergraduate degrees. This will help you advance your education to a doctoral level or for more professional practice.

In order to be eligible for a program at a college or technical institute, you will need to apply. This requires gathering a list of documents and information that is necessary for the application process. Along with personal and professional statements and records, expect to pay a fee to submit your application.

  • College or technical school transcripts and volunteer records
  • Professional letters of recommendation from at least three individuals who know your work or academic history
  • Evidence of psychology or engineering experience or educational training
  • Proof of internships
  • A personal statement in an essay form regarding your applicable experiences and overall desire to be in the program
  • Curriculum vitae or job resume

To complete the application process, you must submit all records and documents for admission into a graduate program for engineering psychology.

List of Engineering Psychology Graduate Certificate Programs

Find an online or campus-based graduate certificate program in engineering psychology today – our state-by-state listings make it easy to find a great program near you.

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