The importance of having a good interface for a technological device, app, program, industrial machine, or anything similar has become well-known. This has led companies to hire experts in how humans interact with technology. These experts are not engineers themselves, but psychologists. Specifically, they are often people with master’s degrees in engineering psychology.

Engineering psychology isn’t just about creating user interfaces that customers will love. It can also encompass designing for safety, productivity, and other beneficial factors. In some cases, engineering psychologists may design an entire user interface. At other times, they will be part of a team that also includes physical engineers and others who need to turn design ideas into tangible realities. This is often the case when the design involves something physical, like a plane’s cockpit.

Sometimes, this field is broken down a bit further. Engineering psychologists can study interactions between humans and tasks, humans and environments, and humans and machines. Some online master’s programs will cover all three of these options, while others may put more emphasis on one of them.

What Will I Learn in an Online Engineering Psychology Master’s Degree Program?

Engineering psychology is closely related to a field known as “human factors,” so there are times when the two are combined into one master’s degree program. At other times, they may be presented separately.

Once you find an online program in this relatively new field, you can expect to take classes like:

  • Engineering Psychology: An entry-level class in the field.
  • Cognitive Neuroscience: This not only covers how humans think but also the neural processes and structures behind the thoughts.
  • Quantitative Methods: Learn how to do statistical analysis in a standardized, systematic way.
  • Methods of Engineering Psychology: Here, you learn how to analyze cost vs. benefit, reliability, user interactions, and more.

You will likely also have to create a dissertation or thesis, and then defend it before a panel of professors. It may take longer to create this than it does to take your classes, so don’t be fooled by programs with low “credit hour” requirements. If you need to know a specific timeframe, be sure to check with the prospective school to find out the total time that is expected to be involved.

Keep in mind that none of these courses teach you how to be an engineer in the physical sense. Instead, you’ll be far more of an idea person, while the physical factors are taken care of by those whose specialties involve making your ideas happen.

What To Look For in an Online Engineering Psychology Master’s Program?

When searching for an online master’s program in engineering psychology, there are several crucial factors to consider. First and foremost, accreditation is essential to ensure that the program meets high academic standards and is recognized by reputable accrediting bodies. Look for programs accredited by recognized institutions or organizations in the fields of engineering or psychology. The curriculum should offer comprehensive coverage of various relevant topics, including human factors, ergonomics, cognitive psychology, usability testing, and human-computer interaction. Evaluating the qualifications and expertise of the faculty members is important, ensuring they possess strong academic backgrounds and practical experience in the field of engineering psychology.

Access to research resources such as online journals and databases is invaluable for staying up-to-date with the latest advancements. Interactive online platforms that foster collaboration and discussion among students can greatly enhance the learning experience. Additionally, seek programs that provide practical experiences such as internships or applied projects, offering opportunities to apply engineering psychology principles in real-world scenarios. Lastly, explore the support services available, including career guidance and networking opportunities, to ensure a supportive and enriching learning environment. By carefully considering these factors, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting an online master’s program in engineering psychology.

Admissions Requirements for a Master’s in Engineering Psychology

Every online program has its own requirements for admission, and some may demand things that aren’t on this list. However, there are also some commonalities that you can expect no matter where you apply.

  • Admission form
  • Fee (if applicable)
  • Transcripts from undergraduate studies
  • An undergraduate GPA (grade point average) of 3.0 or above – some schools may require a higher GPA, while others may accept a lower one
  • A statement of purpose
  • Graduation from an accredited, relevant bachelor’s degree program

Even though it’s possible to make good money with a master’s degree, many go on to get a doctorate later. Therefore, it’s especially important to ensure that your master’s comes from an accredited program. This, in turn, will ensure that the degree counts for the admission requirement of the doctoral program.

List of Engineering Psychology Master’s Degree Programs

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