Neuropsychology is a field that combines the disciplines of neurology and psychology to better understand how disorders of the brain affect human behavior. People who go into this field also study the human nervous system to learn how it impacts brain functioning and the way clients behave.

Neuropsychologists usually work with people who have sustained a brain injury or who display symptoms of a brain disorder like Parkinson's disease or dementia. Affected patients may struggle with their cognitive, emotional, physical, and social functioning and look to the neuropsychologist to help them develop coping strategies.

People with training in neuropsychology are not medical doctors. They cannot prescribe any type of medication. Instead, they perform tests in the categories above and analyze the results. The primary function of a neuropsychologist is to diagnose specific brain issues and provide patients with resources to manage them.

According to the website, neuropsychologists earn an average annual salary that ranges from approximately $87,000 to $237,000. The precise figure a new college graduate can earn depends largely on geographic location and relevant previous experience, including internships.

If you’d like to learn how to become a neuropsychologist through an online graduate program, continue reading below.

What Will I Learn in an Online Neuropsychology Graduate Certificate Program?

Ball University in Muncie, Indiana offers an online graduate certificate in neuropsychology that consists of five courses taken one at a time. Like most graduate certificate programs in this field, students should be able to complete the requirements within six months. Ball University states that the learning outcomes for this graduate certificate program are as follows:

  • Understanding the relationship between brain function and human behavior
  • Knowing common disorders of the brain found in children and adults
  • Acquiring advanced knowledge of brain dysfunction and neurological disorders
  • Understanding how a child's brain works through developmental phases and while acquiring language

The five courses required to earn a graduate certificate from Ball University are typical of what students will find at most other schools. These include:

  • Aging and Adult Development
  • Emotional and Social Development
  • Motivation for Human Learning and Achievement
  • Neuropsychology Fundamentals for Learning and Teaching
  • Neuropsychology of Language and Reading

Applicants to a graduate certificate program should understand that it differs from a master’s degree program. Students often choose to complete the requirements for certification in neuropsychology after finishing their master’s degree, internship, and thesis. Psychology is a competitive field, and having an additional certificate in a specialty area can help improve job prospects.

Admissions Requirements for a Graduate Certificate in Neuropsychology

Using Ball State University as an example again, below are the requirements for a student to apply to the graduate certificate program in neuropsychology.

  • Completion of a bachelor's degree in psychology or a related field from a college or university that has earned recognition from a regional accrediting association.
  • A grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher in previous college coursework. Other schools may have a 3.00 GPA requirement.
  • Completion of a graduate degree at another institution or enrollment in a master’s degree program in psychology at the current institution.
  • Official transcripts from previous schools with emphasis on the one showing the highest degree earned.
  • Payment of the application fee. Many colleges and universities, including Ball, waive the fee for military veterans and those meeting the institution's other criteria.

After submitting an application to the top neuropsychology graduate certificate programs, prospective students should arrange to attend an information session. This session is critical because it provides all the next steps students must complete before they officially begin attending classes.

Online graduate certificate programs are typically geared toward non-traditional students who work full-time, are raising minor children, or both. Online certificate program options help students balance the demands in their lives while gaining an education that can help them get ahead in their field.

List of Neuropsychology Graduate Certificate Programs

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