How to Find a Counseling Program in Nevada

Make sure whichever counseling program you choose meets your particular needs well. These may be current needs, such as financial or scheduling needs. They also can be what you'll need in the future to secure your chosen job, such as a specialization or certain degree that's required.

Counseling Degree Pathways in Nevada

You'll need a master's degree if you want to become licensed, but a master's isn't the only degree available. Other degrees can still help you gain credentials that employers look for when hiring for certain positions. The degrees available generally are:

  • Associate Degrees: These are two-year degrees that provide quick entry into the field, although you may be limited to lower-level work. You can start an associate program after high school.
  • Bachelor's Degrees: These are four-year degrees that prepare you for lower-level and mid-level work, and they also qualify you for master's programs. You can start a bachelor's program after high school.
  • Master's Degrees: These degrees last one or two years, and they're required for licensure. You can start a master's program after attaining a bachelor's degree.
  • Doctorate Degrees: These degrees can take three years or (much) longer. Options of Ph.D. degrees and Psy.D. degrees allow you to focus on either research or clinical work, and you'll have the academic credentials needed for the highest positions in counseling. You may need a bachelor's or master's degree, depending on how competitive a program is.
  • Graduate Certificates: These are non-degree programs that take one year or less. They can be completed after either a master's or bachelor's, and are useful if you would like to specialize.

Choose a Counseling Specialty

Many counselors provide specialized counseling to clients. While you don't have to specialize, doing so can help you be more competitive in the job market. There are many specializations available, such as:

  • School counseling
  • Clinical mental health counseling
  • Clinical rehabilitation counseling
  • Clinical addiction counseling
  • Marriage and family counseling

Check School Accreditation

Most Nevada schools with counseling degrees are properly accredited, but you should confirm that any school you apply to is. Accreditation is the only way to guarantee that employers and other schools will recognize your degree.

To become licensed in Nevada, your school must be accredited in either of two ways. Programs that are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs qualify. Schools that have psychiatry residencies approved by Nevada's Board of Examiners for Marriage and Family Therapists also qualify.

Online vs. Traditional Counseling Programs in Nevada

You can choose to enroll in either an online or a traditional counseling degree program. Most online programs have lower tuition and more flexible schedules. Most traditional programs have more opportunities for direct interaction with classmates and faculty. Weigh these trade-offs as you evaluate the different options.

Becoming a Licensed Counselor in Nevada

To become a licensed counselor in Nevada, you'll need to have a master's degree from an appropriately accredited program. The degree will include a 600-hour practicum. You'll also need 3,000 hours of supervised counseling after graduating, as well as to pass an exam and pay a fee. Renewing your license must be done annually, and requires 20 hours of continuing education.

List of Counseling Degree Programs in Nevada

Are you searching for a counseling degree program in Nevada? Browse our comprehensive list of schools offering counseling programs, both online and on-campus, and follow the links to learn more about what each program has to offer.

Henderson, NV

1300 Nevada State Drive
Henderson, NV 89002
(702) 992-2000

Las Vegas, NV

Reno, NV

Master's Programs
North Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89557
(775) 784-1110

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